A day event is coming to town, entitled ‘Local food environments: how they are influencing the population’s diet and health’

Food environments are a determining factor in the quality of our diets. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the study the City Council commissioned the IERMB with conducting and which is to be presented at the day event

Entorns Alimentaris
15/11/2021 - 16:30 h - Climate emergency Ajuntament de Barcelona

A day event is being held from 9 am to 12 noon on Thursday, 18 November, entitled
“Local food environments: how they are influence the population’s diet and health” and
organised by the IERMB, the PEMB, Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan and the
AMB. It will be held in blended format: speakers will take part face to face and the
public listen through live broadcasts. You can check out the programme from this link
and register for the event by filling in this form.

The activity is included under the 2021 Barcelona World Capital of Sustainable Food’s
proposals and in a context where it is becoming increasingly evident every day that food
environments are a determining factor in our diets and therefore our health. Egalitarian
access to healthy and affordable foods in retail shops and in catering services can
benefit the population’s health, reducing the number of cases of excessive weight and

To find out about inequalities and how food environments are shaped, we need to
design urban policies that help to ensure city residents can enjoy healthy and
environmentally friendly food.

The day event aims to follow up the recent contributions that have been made in
research on local food environments and assess their relationship with diets and health.
Starting at 9 am, the event will be officially opened by Ricard Gomà, the Director of the
IERMB, together with Álvaro Porro, the Commissioner for Social Economy, Local
Development and Food Policy, among other institutional figures from the AMB and
Barcelona City Council.