Here, now, for the planet

This year sees Barcelona host the 7th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Global Forum, the first international city pact on food, underlining the strategic role of cities in the development of sustainable food systems.

The city thus becomes the World Sustainable Food Capital for 2021, a year when over ninety sustainable food projects and policies are to be developed through a schedule stretching from the start of the year until December.

Take part in the activities!

Discover all the sustainable food activities taking place in Barcelona and the metropolitan area in the first quarter of 2021.

Did you know that…?

  • 70 %

    Poor nutrition is linked to 70% of the deaths caused by chronic non–communicable diseases

  • 21-37 %

    The agrifood system is responsible for between 21% and 37% of global greenhouse gas emissions

  • 68 %

    Over 68% of Barcelona residents are willing to buy organic and local food in order to help deal with the climate emergency

The COVID-19, among many other things, has shone a spotlight on the vulnerabilities of food systems on three fronts. First, industrial agriculture and cattle farming is driving habitat loss for other species and is creating the conditions for viruses to emerge and spread. Second, this crisis has tested the resilience of global food supply chains and revealing underlying vulnerabilities. Thirdly, among the effects of the global economic crisis that is already beginning to unfold, there might be a significant increase of vulnerable groups and food poverty, targeting notably women and girls. Therefore, putting sustainable food at the center of the political agenda is vital to improve our resilience and provide appropriate, rapid, just and effective responses to future emergencies, such as those related to the climate emergency.

Year of sustainable food

Throughout 2021, in addition to hosting the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit:

  • We will also be hosting and supporting a series of events and initiatives that are based on sustainable food, both in the city and in the Metropolitan Area.
  • We will be implementing food policies and projects that will make Barcelona a world leader in this area.
  • We will develop a food policy strategy that looks towards 2030.

If you want to watch the presentation of Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital again, click here.

Here, now, for the planet

Pact of Milan

Created in October 2015 and signed by over 209 cities from around the world to date, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, or Milan Pact, is a voluntary agreement signed by cities that are committed to developing sustainable agrifood systems that are inclusive, resilient, safe and diversified, that ensure healthy food that is accessible to everyone, and that minimise food waste and conserve biodiversity, while also adapting to and mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis.

Milan Food Policy Pact meeting with the Mayor, Ada Colau.

What we want to achieve

Becoming the World Capital of Sustainable Food enables us to push for a food transition that will strengthen local sustainable economies and will improve the health of both people and the planet.

If you are an organisation, business or university interested in taking part, feel free to get in touch