Promoting local, sustainable economies

A market-stall assistant selecting fruit to put on a tray.

The food sector is a major part of the Catalan economy. Sustainable food systems offer a wonderful opportunity to promote not only the health of people and the planet, but also local and sustainable economies.

Barcelona residents are increasingly willing to support economies based on sustainable food. The production, distribution and commercialisation of fair, healthy and sustainable food provide economic benefits for many stakeholders, especially local and organic farmers, the sustainable restaurant sector and small trading businesses. With their agricultural and commercial practices, they strengthen the urban-rural balance, preserve the characteristic mosaic of the agricultural landscapes, respect the food sovereignty of countries in the Global South and help to combat the climate emergency.

Becoming the 2021 World Capital of Sustainable Food provides a chance to regenerate, celebrate and showcase the interconnections and interdependencies between the countryside and cities.

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What we want to achieve

Becoming the World Capital of Sustainable Food enables us to push for a food transition that will strengthen local sustainable economies and will improve the health of both people and the planet.