Highlighted activities

7th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Global Forum

The 210 cities from around the globe which signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact will be debating the link between food and the climate emergency from 19 to 21 October 2021.

From 19 to 21 October 2021

Barcelona Markets

Barcelona’s markets and traditional food events, such as the Market of Markets and BioCultura, will also feature activities within the framework of the city’s role as the sustainable food capital.

Exhibitions and activities at the city’s museums

At the MUHBA, there’s a chance to see the exhibition ‘Feeding Barcelona, from Bàrcino to the Global World’. Elsewhere, pollinators take centre stage in ‘More than Bees’ at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Meetings and conferences

Barcelona is also holding other food-related events, such as the European Agroecology Congress in June and the Aplec d’Horts Urbans (Urban Allotments Meeting) in the autumn.

In June and in the autumn

On Plaça dels Somnis, Tibidabo

The seasonal menus will be included among the eating options at the park. There’s also a new show about food to enjoy, with courses for kids also being offered in collaboration with the Fundació Alícia.

Participation in major events in the city

La Mercè, the Biennial of Thought and the City and Science Biennial will also be including activities, lectures and debates on the challenges of sustainable food in their programmes this year.

Seasonal menus

Internationally renowned chefs present a menu for each season of the year. Cooking demonstrations will help the public to learn how to cook seasonal produce, to be familiar with it and to reuse it.

Sustainable Food Week

Held in October and aimed at the general public, this series of activities is designed to foster healthy and accessible diets for all, driven by sustainable local economies.

In October

With sport

The Barcelona Marathon takes place in October and will be linked to the project. School sports and the Campus Olímpia are also joining in.

Programme first quarter 2021

Throughout 2021 we will be hosting and supporting a series of events and initiatives in the city and the metropolitan area where healthy, fair trade and sustainable food will be the central thread.

Find out what activities are taking place in the first quarter and take part!

Book club

A book club on nature literature which will trace a thematic arc with books relating to the three central themes of Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital: promoting healthy diets, economic opportunity and climate emergency.

From January to December 2021

Exhibition: More than bees. Pollinators and flowers, life at stake

An exhibition designed to raise people's awareness of the danger that if pollinating insects become extinct on every continent it will put food supplies and the sustainability of agriculture at risk.

Until 17/10/21

Course: Feeding the metropolis at a time of emergencies

The PEMB and CUIMPB are organising a space to reflect on the role towns and cities can play in responding to some of the main food challenges facing Barcelona’s metropolitan region.

15 February, 2021

Enrolment from 30 January

Dinner's ready! Culture and gastronomy programme

El Sortidor civic centre · January-March

A space to enjoy the gastronomic world with a programme of workshops, innovative culinary activities and sustainable initiatives. We invite you to discover and taste the winter programme. We hope you enjoy it!

Climate refugees - Screening with discussion and showcooking from Amine Ishtay and the Abrazo Cultural association.

The effects of climate change threaten the agricultural production of some regions and, as a result, the food security of the people who live there.

Thursday 28 January, at 7 pm

«Watunaku, the soul of the community »

Virtual exhibition organised by the MUSOL Foundation, Municipalists for Solidarity and Strong Institutions.

From 1 to 28 February

Visit to Can Masdeu

We’re going to find out the history of this squatted social centre and its community life. We’ll take a tour to learn more about the projects they carry out there, which enable them to preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Saturday, 6 February at 12 noon

Urban allotments and anarchism: Cultivating Barcelona in times of war

During the Civil War, urban and periurban agriculture in Barcelona became a vital activity for tackling the scarcity of foodstuffs and people organised allotments for their own consumption.

Friday 19 February, at 12 pm

Visit to the llotja de Barcelona

To mark World Environmental Education Day we are going back to the wholesale fish market, the Llotja de Barcelona, to find out first hand the route fish takes from the sea to the dining table.

Monday 22 February, from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

The bread riots from a feminist and agro-ecologist perpective

A popular revolt broke out in Barcelona in 1789 where women played a leading role due to the sharp increase in the price of basic foodstuffs, such as bread.

Wednesday 24 February, at 7 pm

Toxic bodies and environmental health

Synthetic chemical substances have been with us for decades. They can be found in the soil, in the air and in water, and they can enter our bodies through the food we eat.

Monday 15 March at 7 pm

The Montseny wasabi

We’ll see how the most famous condiment in Japanese cuisine – and the most difficult to cultivate – grows in the old, reclaimed terraces of Montseny Natural Park.

Saturday 27 March, at 11 am